Case study:

Ewals Cargo Care

Implementation of fuel control system.

"The system is a missing link in fight with fuel thefts"

Client profile: Ewals Cargo Care B.V.

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Fleet size: 400+ vehicles
  • Industry: International transport
  • Operating area: Europe
  • With frameLOGIC since: year 2014
  • Issue analysis

    Ewals Cargo Care is a major transport and logistics provider in the Netherlands and well known transport brand throughout Europe.

    Their control over fuel consumption has been based on a comparison between the amount of litres used (data from invoices) with information from on-board computers, providing both mileage and consumption. The results never tied up to 100%, thus the company set a tolerance limit. When a significant difference occurred, there was the suspicion of theft, but with small differences less than 20l., it was difficult to prove a theft, usually caused by the drivers.

    On the scale of the whole fleet, the differences were resulting in huge financial losses. After 1.5 years of testing, it turned out that frameLOGIC system is the way to tighten fuel flow in the company. The measurement of the fuel level with an accuracy of 1.5% of tank capacity under standard road conditions and results confirmed by dedicated analysts, allowed Ewals Cargo Care to detect losses and discrepancies down to 15 l., in scope of fuel consumption, refuelling, and thefts.

    Ewals Cargo Care


    • Full knowledge and total control over fuel economy

    • Tightening of fuel flow

    • Confirmed information about fuel thefts and other irregularities

    • Facilitiation of the client due to a dedicated team of frameLOGIC analysts

    • A positive performance of our system in very demanding tests and various conditions.

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