Case study:

LS Intertank

Implementation of fuel control system

"No other solution is able to give us the same control"

Client profile: LS Intertank ApS

  • Country: Denmark
  • Fleet size: 100 vehicles
  • Industry: International transport
  • Operating area: Scandinavia and Central Europe
  • With frameLOGIC since: year 2013
  • Issue analysis

    LS Intertank ApS is one of the major transportation companies in the Scandinavian region, which provides services in the whole Europe as well.

    Considering size of their fleet, monthly cost of fuel was expressed in Millions of DKK and constituted almost 30% of overall expenses of the enterprise. Thus, there was huge room for improvement and optimization. Till the implementation, fuel consumption was controlled only through comparison between data from CAN and these form the invoices; the results turned out to be quite inaccurate.

    frameLOGIC’s promise about the possiblity to control fuel in each and every aspect, together with the accuracy level of 1,5% of tank capacity, convinced the company to test the system. Just after a few months, it turned out that the investment would pay off. LS Intertank is now able to detect discrepancies down to 15-20l., which brings full fuel control. Therefore, the monitoring system was implemented within the whole fleet consisting of 100 vehicles. A huge advantage was definitely a dedicated analyst who verifies any irregular situation for the customer. As a result, the system requires very little involvement.

    LS Intertank


    • Significant tightening of all aspects of the fuel flow in the company: refuelings, invoices, thefts and consumption

    • Dedicated analyst taking care of the customer’s fleet of vehicles

    • Only reliable and confirmed information about any irregular situation

    • A wide range of reports enabling a better fleet analysis

    • Flexibility in development of the tailor-made solutions for customer

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