Case study:

Maroszek Transport

Implementation of TMS frameLOGIC in Maroszek transportation company.

"„IT bracket” that puts the whole company in order."

Client profile: Maroszek Transport and Spedition

  • Country: Poland
  • Fleet size: 130 vehicles
  • Industry: International transport
  • Operating area: Europe
  • With frameLOGIC since: year 2019
  • Maroszek Transport i Spedycja is a transportation company from Krakow, Poland, which specializes in so-called multi-unloading transports. Usually, those are window frames freights for customers like WND, Plast-Bud, Dobroplast or OknoPol. The major characteristic of such a transport is relatively high number of unloadings, approximately 30 per truck a week. One year ago, Damian Maroszek, a company owner, decided to organize the entity operations and clip them with “IT bracket” in form of frameLOGIC’s Transportation Management System. Financial impact has immediately become very tangible with average of 5.000 EUR savings on operations a month. How does it work? Let’s start from the beginning.

    Issue analysis

    Damian Maroszek, before he established his transportation company in 2005, had been a professional trucker himself for almost 10 years. Today, the enterprise works mostly for building sites in Poland and abroad – in France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain. Currently, the fleet consist of 130 truck & trailer setups, handled by over 160 drivers.

    - Before we implemented TMS frameLOGIC, operation management was based on Excel spreadsheets and quite good GPS from NaviSoft. The company growth forced us, however, to organize things in a professional manner. Particularly, in terms of internal flow of information. Now, nobody can unfairly blame a colleague for misinformation, because all data and documents are archived in software logs. – says Damian Maroszek.

    Piece of mind for both, owner and drivers

    Beside TMS, Maroszek company uses also frameLOGIC’s fleet management and telematic systems – all in one. Before Mr. Damian found the right solution provider, he had looked for one for over 6 months.

    - We investigated different offers and online reviews. We invited sales representatives one after another. Because I have been a professional trucker myself, I perfectly knew what I expected. Not only as a company owner, looking for analytical and controlling tools, but also as a driver – to be in touch with dispatchers and to make driving easier.

    frameLOGIC was my choice, because – says Mr. Damian – it was extraordinarily stuffed with reports for almost each activity of vehicles and drivers.

    - It is extremely important to have routes tunneling tool. A very precise tunnel is sent to the driver’s onboard device so he has no other option but to follow it, literally. It makes everything super clear – sums up the owner.

    Rigid rules to follow

    For the last 6 months Maroszek company has been clipped by IT bracket from frameLOGIC. Immediately, after the implementation few of the employees was against it. They feared a change. Support from frameLOGIC’s deployment department was very helpful in handling and changing their approach.

    - Now I see the staff enjoy using frameLOGIC system. A driver can’t tell anymore he hasn’t received an instruction because all messages are delivered through onboard communicators and each message status is verified and archived for 2 years. It’s much less tension nowadays, we all became calmer. The only one who possibly might be against new rules is a man who makes a lot of mistakes or who tries to deceive colleagues. – concludes Damian Maroszek.

    frameLOGIC’s TMS supports controlling, enhances fleet efficiency, eliminates unfair employees and, in a long run, accelerates growth of Maroszek enterprise through better quality of service delivered. Every strategic decision is now taken calmly, is better analyzed and more often positively influence company’s profitability.

    Final touches

    - 6 months after the implementation of frameLOGIC’s all-in-one system, I must admit that I am 95% happy. The missing 5% are small details that requires final touches, to meet some of our specific needs. However, I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time.

    Maroszek Transport
    • 5 000 EUR of savings per month
    • Reduction of misunderstandings
    • Controlling optimization
    • Increased fleet efficiency
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