Case study:

Tauron Dystrybucja

Implementation of a complete fuel management system

"The biggest advantage is elasticity"

Client profile: Tauron Dystrybucja S.A.

  • Country: Poland
  • Fleet size: almost 4000 vehicles
  • Industry: Electric Power Supply
  • Operating area: the South of Poland
  • With frameLOGIC since: year 2006
  • Issue analysis

    Before implementation of FM.frameLOGIC system, the whole knowledge about Tauron’s had only people directly using them. It concerned their level of utilization and technical conditions. Vehicles’ costs were allocated basing on declarative data while fuel on the basis of standard indicators supported by results from real fueling records. In case of a specific vehicle exploitation in unusual conditions, the discrepancies in consumption reached up to 20%! Furthermore, each of the company’s unit used different IT tool which deorganised analysis.

    FM.frameLOGIC encompassed the whole Tauron’s fleet including energy ambulance cars, cranes, diggers, self-propelled mobile platforms and passenger cars. Cumulatively, almost 4 thousands units. Due to that, the customer is able to allocate vehicles’s costs basing on the actually measured data. Traditional driver cards and reservation system have been exchanged for fully electronic tools. The whole is integrated with the most important client’s systems - SAP and ZPB in order to exchange data smoothly. Gathered information is analysed on many levels and dynamically reported with the use of Business Intelligence tools

    Tauron Dystrybucja


    • Knowledge arrangement about the whole fleet

    • Automatic fleet accounting based on real, measured data

    • Optimal fleet utilization; sending vehicle to the closest emergency place

    • Work quality improvement in the dispatchers department and among administrative employees

    • On average 15% decrease in fuel consumption

    • More than 1 mln savings annually

    • Dynamic and effective management of vehicles renting system

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