frameLOGIC and GDPR in telematics – last preparations

On May 25th 2018, GDPR, a new EU regulation regarding personal data protection, comes into life. It’s a very important day for every customer and for companies which process their customers’ personal data. For months we have been working very hard at frameLOGIC offices, to prepare our system for the new regulations.

A process of adaptation of our system to the new GDPR regulations reached very advanced stage. Hours of consultations and work of our architects, administrators and developers have resulted in strengthening security of sensitive data and more control over who should have access to them. By implementing rules like “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default” the system will more carefully deliver sensitive data to users based on their permissions. By implementing such functions like: two-step authorization, forced strong password, forced password change every 30 days and electronic personal data operations log we will limit a risk of data access by an unauthorized person. Thanks to “Right to information” and “Right to be forgotten” our clients can freely ask us to check what data we keep about them and can ask us to totally delete or anonymize them from our servers (including backups).

Right now, you can log in to our system using HTTPS protocol. It means that connection between users computer and frameLOGIC server is secured with the SSL certificate. It guarantees information send and read by users are encrypted and cannot be captured by unauthorized person. Green lock in address bar in your browser informs you if the connection is secured or not.

May 25th  2018 is almost here. GDPR regulation will affect not only IT and telematics companies, but also our clients from all industries – transportation, utilities, water and sewage, construction and fleet companies. We’ re making every effort to make you sure your personal data will be perfectly secured and ready for new GDPR regulations.

More information about our security solutions we’re implementing into the frameLOGIC system coming soon.

10th in a row Business Gazelle goes to frameLOGIC

We’re excited to annouce that we got our 10th Business Gazelle. We’re so proud to be consecutively selected to such elite group by Bonnier AB Puls Biznesu and Coface.


See you at TransLogistica Poland 2019

This year’s edition of TransLogistica Poland will take place on 5th-7th November 2019. This is 3 days of news and trends in transportation industry.


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