Supervision over the conditions of transport of concrete and the use of the vehicle as intended. Collection and presentation of cost parameters. Control of unloading places.

The variety of vehicles used in construction eliminates the use of standard solutions for monitoring fleets. The specific character of the use of construction machinery requires an individual approach and special extensions for the control of fuel, transport and unloading of concrete, real work time of specialist machinery and field teams, the booking of vehicles to carry out specific tasks.

Monitoring of concrete transport in real time

Fuel and specialist machinery control

Field work management

Vehicles reservations


Control over the cargo

Control over the concrete transport conditions and unloading places.

Gathering of costs data

Route and travel time, distance, waiting time for unloading, fuel consumption.

Fuel savings

Precise control over fuellings actual consumption per hour. Detection of idleness with the engine on.

Optimalisation of work field

Avoidance of unneccessary logistics. Better resources usage. Elimination of idleness periods.

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