Corporate fleets

A professional fleet management solution for large fleets of corporate cars. Benefit from advanced analysis of your fleet’s costs, taxes and operations.

Innovative system to manage large fleets of corporate cars. Complete set of tools to keep record of vehicle’s mileages (EPP), to account precisely their operation (Driver’s logs), and to manage cars’ maintenance, usage and sharing (Maintenance and Reservations).

Advanced reporting tools. Starting from total cost of ownership (TCO Report), to business trips reporting to tax office (VAT-26), to precise settlement of private employees’ trips (CIT) with automatic charge estimation for kilometers driven above the stated limit.

Option to import precisely-measured telematics data, e.g. GPS position, driving style analysis, remote reading of car’s dashboard alerts, and precise combustion.

Mileage Register + Driver’s Log + CIT + VAT26

Maintenance, Repairs and Reservations management

Total Costs of Ownership Report

Telematics + Ecodriving


Easy fleet data management

Current record and archive of cars mileages. A clear division of trips to business and private, automatic settlements based on statutory rates. Much less time spent on data processing and administration.

Business / private trips settlement

The possibility of tax deduction for usage of company cars. The whole process of business trips recording and generating ready-to-use report, in line with Tax Office guidance.

All fleet tools in one place

Fleet managers can keep an eye on all important dates which concern corporate cars, plan their maintenance and repairs, manage their reservations or internal carsharing and monitor telematics data.

Total Cost of Ownership

A key report for each fleet manager and financial director. It gathers all costs of owning a car, starting from initial purchase costs, to everyday usage costs like: fuel, leasing installments, maintenance, parts, etc. It supports objective analysis of each car brand and model resulting better strategic decisions making in the future.

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