Optimization of maintenance and operating costs of the fleet. Effective planning and execution of orders. Efficient use of vehicles.

The most important need of the transport industry is to optimize the cost of maintaining the fleet of trucks. Right after control over the spendings, management of the fleet pay attention to the time of task realisation, efficiency, and maintaining the availability of trucks.

Monitoring of trucks and fuel control

Analysis of driver’s work time and driving style

Transport orders management

Communication and mobile solutions


Remarkable savings

Our customers record up to 10% savings on fuel expenses. They are able to reduce costs through the use of ecodriving. They settle MiLOG easily.

Working time under control

Avoid horrendous penalties for breaking the law 561/2006, thanks to the tips for the driver and dispatcher in real time.

Automation of dispatchers’ work

It’s the end of transport planning on traditional white boards. Move the whole process to the application and automate such operations as order registration and invoicing.

Drivers in constant contact

Fast and reliable communication with drivers with the use of tablets in vehicles. Remote sending of routes, photos, CMR, invoices.

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