Water and sewage

Support in the management of network assets. A comprehensive settlement of the vehicles work. Optimal utilization of the fleet. Minimizing operating costs.

Our system is ideal for all companies working in the network infrastructure. Water and sewage systems are no exception. We provide comprehensive solutions, both in terms of managing fleets of vehicles and control of specialist equipment.

Clear vehicles costs settlement

Control of specialist equipment work

Control over maintenance

Mobile technologies


A comprehensive settlement of the vehicles work

Road card can supplement or completely replace paper documents registration. Each fleet cost will be properly settled.

Optimal usage of the fleet

Increase the percentage of vehicles usage. Manage reservations and intra-firm carpooling effectively.

Valuable analytical results

We offer you dozens of reports that present the real picture of the operation of the fleet.

Minimizing operating costs

Better planning results in avoiding unnecessary logistics in the field and engagement of the unnecessary units in the project. It generates remarkable operational savings in the whole company.

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