Future-proof solution to
manage transport


We all observe very dynamic change in perception of „a workplace”.

It turned out that using proper tools a dispatcher or fleet manager can do his tasks from wherever he is at.

At frameLOGIC we have a whole spectrum of future-proof solutions which can facilitate your company and prepare it for new, digital reality. Migrate your transport management to our cloud system and leverage the full potential of the employees.


Home office

Stuck in licenses and restrictions?

Our TMS is one of not many that enable fully remote work. Move all your transport to the cloud and operate from wherever you want. Your employees can dispatch routes or issue invoices on home office comfortably. The whole process, from order to cash, is covered by our application.

Cut costs

Looking for areas to optimize?

Having TMS.frameLOGIC and Tunneling feature you will see in hard data which processes generate expenses that can be reduced (e.g. country of refueling, highway tolls, etc.). You will also gain control over the actual route execution by drivers.

Drivers in touch

Need a proper communication tool?

With our FS.frameLOGIC app for Android you can be in touch with drivers all the time. Think of remote orders assignment, sending photos, CMRs, invoices. You’ll always have up to date and trustworthy information about loadings & unloadings.

Plug&Play GPS

Need a positioning?

We have a wide range of high quality tracking devices. No matter what vehicle you want a positioning for: trucks, corporate fleets or specialist vehicles. We can help you choose the most proper device for your fleet.

Remote training

How to on-board quickly?

Our implementation team is ready to train your employees remotely or at your location. We promise you top-notch quality support while you are stepping your first steps with frameLOGIC. Try us!


Need only specific modules of our system?

frameLOGIC's flexibility is its main advantage. Client can pick only features that he/she needs at the moment and roll-out other modules later. It is really that simple!

Fair terms

Sick and tired of costs mounting with every click you make?

At frameLOGIC we like clear situations. We won’t charge you extra for another system user, another licence, frequent map readings, project manager’s logistic costs or whatever absurd it can be. Our customers are treated as Partners, always fair.

Customized solutions

Looking for customized solutions?

We’re aware that some transportation companies need specific tools to operate. Hit us via phone or email and let’s talk about your ideas!

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