Driver’s worktime optimizer

Generator of alerts concerning improper behaviour of the drivers during their worktime. The analysis of the work effectiveness.

Generating 5 types of alerts supporting control over driver's work effectiveness
based on Act 561/2006, binding bans on driving trucks and type of realised transport tasks.
Reduction of improper behaviour of the drivers during driving and stops
increases the effectiveness of their work. Constant gathering of statistical data helps to improve the perfromance.

Control over the fleet utilization

Maximisation of daily driving time

Reduction of drivers' overuse

Starting point for further analysis

Driver's worktime optimizer

Driver's worktime optimizer

– Individual configuration of all alerts parameters 
– Building a table for period analysis 
– Possibility to adjust alerts to the fleet type and group
– Taking into consideration the Act nr 561/2006 and bans on driving abroad 
– Maximisation of worktime 
– Reduction of illegitimate stops and breaks

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