GPS + Telematics + Fuel

You see all your fleet clearly. A real picture of drivers and fleet activity on the base of actually measured data. Advanced mobile solutions. The most precise fuel control in the whole Europe.


We measure almost every driver and vehicle activity

Our telematic system monitors all important aspects, concerning both vehicles and drivers.

Due to the modular solution, you are able to choose the range of services you want.

Is localisation of vehicles and fuel monitoring enough? Do you care more about communication with drivers, working hours control and MiLOG functions?

We will always find a set of services, perfectly tailored to your needs.


The whole fleet at a glance

The information about position and work of vehicles, road traffic, arrivals and departures from the area. Automatic summary of the fleet activity.

Remarkable savings

Our customers note 10% savings on fuel expenses. They decrease the costs of using a vehicle due to ecodriving

Working time under control

Avoid horrendous fines for breaching the regulation 561/2006 thanks to our system advice for the driver and dispatcher in real time.

Drivers always in touch

Fast and reliable communication of drivers using tablets in the vehicles. Remote sending of pictures, routes, CMR and invoices.


Vehicles' monitoring

Fleet control has never been easier and clearer. Monitor location and work of your vehicles with an advanced backward analysis. Gain information about road obstacles in real time. Define you own places and areas. Control over actual realisation of planned routes. Automatically gathered data creare a summary giving a full picture of your fleet activity.

Our great customers with great results: