SENT-GEO integration

Full frameLOGIC integration with PUESC platform - SENT-GEO

Since 1st of October 2018 companies transporting "sensitive goods" through Polish territory are obligated to send vehicle localization to Polish Ministry of Finance
Meet the requirements and avoid penalties with frameLOGIC's SENT-GEO integration.

Easily send localization to Polish Ministry of Finance

Localization issues alerts

Drivers focused on driving

Avoid high penalites for drivers and companies



– All important parameters needed for vehicles registration presented in one place
– Ability to register vehicles to PUESC platform through frameLOGIC app
– Constant connection with e-Przewóz platform 
– Full process management of sending GPS localization to SENT
– Full control over localization data registration in PUESC platform
– Driver can be fully focused on the road (no need to turn on\off official SENT-GEO app)
– Localization issues alerts during SENT transport (e.g. in case of GSM failure)
– Notifications sent to driver’s terminal (e.g. in case of GSM failure)

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