Transport Management System

Excellent illustration of the whole process of orders management online. We have developed it in consultations with the experienced practitioners in transport. Due to that, the system is tailor made to the demanding industry requirements.


Order management has never been easier before.

TMS.frameLOGIC moves the entire, complex order management process to the web application.

We prepared it together with experts in transport, so it is precisely adapted to the daily challenges of the industry.

The solution provides control over every stage of the process.

A comprehensive set of tools automates many tasks and streamline logistics, ensuring optimum utilization of the fleet.


Easy pairing of orders and resources.

Assigning vehicles and drivers to order by dragging them easily in the diagram. The system automatically excludes the available resources, greatly facilitating the process.

Automation of dispatchers’ work

It’s the end of transport planning on traditional white boards. Move the whole process to the application and automate even as advanced operations as deposits and changing trailers.

Elimination of empty runs

With a simple searching of vehicles proper for the return route you can reduce the empty mileage to a minimum and increase the profitability of individual routes.

The calculation of the profitability of each order

Records of mileage with divison for domestic kilometers, international ones, with and without freight. It’s a summary of cost of refueling, combustion and AdBlue. Precise calculation of profitability.


Book of Orders

Full record of orders, including place of loading and unloading, shipped cargo and specific requirement concerning trailers. Extended list of contractors and carriers. With the use of diagrams spread on the time axis, orders and their current status of implementation are presented. Option of data import from external systems and export to a chosen format.

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