AI Autoplanner

Allow our Artificial Inteligence (AI) plan transport for yourself!
The Autoplanner pairs available vehicles with orders and analyzes tens of thousands potential arrival routes and will select the most advantageous travel options.

Plan 150 routes in 22 seconds!

The Autoplanner is a groundbreaking transport planning tool. Based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, it analyzes the most advantageous connections between the vehicle and the route, taking into account all vehicles and routes simultaneously. As a result, it suggests the most optimal use of available resources.

In addition, it forecasts the total financial result for planned routes and individually for each route separately, allowing you to reject low income routes.

Automatic pairing of orders and vehicles

Significant time savings and higher dispatcher efficiency

Optimal use of resources

Prediction of costs, time and financial result

AI Autoplanner

AI Autoplanner

– Planning can be carried out on the basis of 3 available AI models, selected by the client:

    > highest profit (amount)

    > highest margin (% freight)

    > shortest distance

– Autoplaner takes into account:

    > costs and travel distance for loading

    > contract costs, including road costs, costs of additional procedures, overhead costs

    > the possibility of picking up the load at the appointed time, i.e. distance to loading, taking into account the travel time, driver’s working time, and additional activities (e.g. car wash)

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