Transport planning

Planning on the interactive axis. Pairing orders into routes. Assigning of staff and resources. Finding vehicles for return routes. Forwarding trade management. Simple and intuitive.

Extended and intuitive at the same time - a tool for ensuring control over the implementation of routes. With the use of diagrams spread on the time axis, orders and their current status of implementation are presented. Combining multiple orders into routes or assigning sets and cast into implementation is as easy as never before by the "Drag and Drop" method. It’s the only solution on the market that allows you to manage deposits and changing trailers during realisation. In addition: a simple search of vehicles to execute orders for return, forwarding routes management and control over absent drivers.

Easy pairing of orders and resources

Elimination of empty runs

Automation of dispatchers’ work

Optimalization of resources in stock



– View of  routes that requires handling

– Vehicle searching by criteria:  

      > availability     

      >place of  the work finish term

– Freedom to define a set of: vehicle, trailer, driver from the available resources

– Assigning people responsible for the execution of routes

– Tracking changing of vehicles, semi-trailers and drivers during route realisation

– Defining the forwarding routes


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