Transportation Driver’s Log

It’s a factual examination of orders costs and calculation of their profitability. Records of domestic and international routes, realised with cargo or empty. The real picture of business efficiency.

Controlling tool tailored to the specifics of the transport industry. Records of mileage with divison for domestic kilometers, international ones, with and without freight. It’s a summary of cost of refueling, combustion and AdBlue. Precise calculation of profitability.

Precise record of costs

Calculating profitability of orders

Records of mileage with correcting parameters

Calculating additional costs per each tkm

Road transport card

Road transport card

– Records of mileage including the correcting parameter divided to:

      > general mileage     

      > domestic and foreign kilometers

      > Kilometers with and without cargo

– Records of refueling and combustion/AdBlue

– Records of costs

– Calculation of the normative fuel consumption with extra costs included

– Calculation of fuel consumption based on the states of the fuel and refuelings

– Fuel consumption on the base of  CAN readings

– Calculating additional costs per each tkm

– Report of kilometers with division for drivers

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