Workforce Management

The innovative system supporting field tasks management. Reliable tool for all companies working on the network assets.


Effective management of field work

Solution comprehensively optimizes the whole chain of tasks.

From the initiation, through the automatic division of work between teams, until the final settlement of the time and labor costs.

With the support of the engine optimization, work schedule takes into account all the changes and updates in real time.

Realisation of tasks in the field is reported using mobile devices integrated with the dispatcher’s tool.

Interactive Gantt chart


Remote control over field tasks

Mobile field work is no longer a mystery. Gain accurate and real time information about the current position of the brigade, the type of work and the status of the order.

Better utilization of resources

Due to occupancy indicators, you can plan work in order to optimally utilize the available human resources and hardware. Increased efficiency will follow as a natural consequence of the implementation.

Minimizing operating costs

Better planning results in avoiding unnecessary logistics and engaging unnecessary units in the project. In the whole fleet scale, it generates a remarkable savings.

Reduction of idle time

No more unnecessary downtime. Optimizing the schedule helps avoid inactivity and enables more tasks at the same time.


Basic elements

Illustration of company’s structure in the system. It’s a catalog of services with defined requirements and needed time. Book of Orders. The registry of human resources and hardware.

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