Field work realization

Management based on application for mobile terminals. Dynamic orders obtainment. Basing workflow of brigades on the statuses of work progress. Multi-level communication. Dividing orders in real time.

Control over the realisation of pre-defined schedule has never been so simple. Thanks to mobile terminals, mobile workers can determine the status of work on a regular basis, dynamically obtain orders or conduct text communication with dispatchers. Dispatchers can locate the brigade, equipment, vehicles in real time and allocate further tasks optimally.

Management based on mobile solutions

Workflow basing on work statuses

Multi-level communication

Dividing orders in real time

Work field realisation

Work field realisation

– Implementation of previously defined schedule in the field

– Support from brigades’ applications on mobile terminals

      > Dynamic acquisition of orders and calculated travel time     

      > Workflow of brigades on the statuses of work progres 

      > Communication 

      > Locating field teams and dividing orders in real time

– Changes made by the dispatcher constantly updated on the mobile terminal

– The dynamics of field work has a direct impact on the implementation of the approved work schedule

– Allocating labor and transportation costs to precisely defined tasks

– Linking the order supported on a mobile terminal with a driver’s log 

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