Register of resources

Base of appropriate resources for the planned tasks. File of workers and vehicles selected on the base of permissions. Easy definition of project teams. Automatic data import.

With regard to recorded and scheduled tasks, the application obtains data about the resources ready to perform. It imports them automatically with the integrated systems (i.e ..: ERP, HR, FMS), or they are entered manually by the user. With the established resource base, it is possible to define field teams, taking into account their skills and equipment for specific tasks. The module also allows you to reserve transport resources.

Base of relevant resources

Resources selected on the base of permissions

Easy defining of field teams

Possibility for automatic data import

Records of resources

Records of resources

– A repository of resources ready to perform the tasks

– Files of workers and vehicles selected on the base of assigned permissions

– Easy defining of project teams

– Taking into account the availability and skills of workers

– Ability to automatically import data from external applications (eg. ERP, HR, FMS)


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