Register of tasks

Unified repository of all kinds of tasks. A unified standard for the whole company. Key information gathered in one place.

Before starting to plan work, the system imports taks from Book of Orders or external systems such as ZMS / GIS / Asset Management, creating a repository of tasks. It is a record of every kind of a job: operating, maintenance, investment, modernization, failure, etc. This is followed by standardizing the format of tasks for the entire company, including their descriptions and additional guidelines (eg. supporting materials). If this is not specified in advance, you can define time needed for a task and preview the place of work on a map.

Base of orders ready for realisation

Possibility of import form external sources

Unified format of all tasks

Detailed descriptions and attachments

Records of tasks

Records of tasks

– Repository tasks within established orders

– Unification format tasks for the entire company

– Records of each type of tasks:     

     > operating     

     > maintenance     

     > investment     

     > modernization     

     > failure, etc.

– Ability to define time needed for each task

– Presentation of work spots on the map

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