Work schedule

Effective pairing of tasks with the available resources. Presentation of data in the form of a Gantt chart. Automatic verification of progress. the schedule respons to the status of progress transmitted from the tablet.

The schedule is the result of pairing tasks with adequate resources for their implementation, prioritization of work and defining key performance indicators (KPI). Such prepared a list creates a schedule of activities in the area, consistent with the principles adopted in the business enterprise. Information may also be presented in a map view. Schedule automatically verifies the progress of work on the basis of status sent directly from the field using mobile devices.

Intelligent pairing of resources and tasks

Readable Gantt chart

Verification of work progress

Responsive to field work situation



– Pairing list of tasks with the resources ready for their implementation

– Presentation of data in the form of a Gantt chart

– Automatic verification of work progress

– Alerting when  work realisation is threatened

– Presentation of information on maps

– Online communication with employees in the field

– Schedule responsive to the status of progress transmitted from the tablet

– Calculation of travel time to the place work realisation and incorporating it to the schedule



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