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We are a company providing the best IT solutions in the areas of telematics, fleet management, transport and management of field work. What make us unique is the complexity of services offered, flexibility in adjusting to the needs of each customer and the most accurate control of fuel in the whole of Europe. For 13 years we have supported companies of all sizes and operating in various industries. Our services provide them with tangible benefits: a general efficiency increase, reduction of operational costs and tools for faster growth.

frameLogic is owned by Vehco.
Vehco, a leading European provider of Fleet Management Systems (FMS) for heavy and light commercial vehicle, and part of AddSecure. Established in 2001, Vehco serves over 1 500 customers and has offices in Sweden (HQ), Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. Vehco markets and sells its products through a dedicated sales team and through partners in Europe and in North America. Vehco has 160 employees and a yearly revenue of 30M€.

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