frameLOGIC strengthened sales force in Nordic countries

We strengthened our sales force in Denmark and Sweden due to strategic alliance
with 2S Management.

2S Management is Copenhagen-based consulting company, specialized in optimizing transport and distribution set-ups in order to reduce customers costs. Its founder and owner, Søren Schulian, has over 20 years of experience in the TSL industry, including management positions in Danish transportation companies.

Wide range of frameLOGIC solutions, especially our flagship products: Fuel Control and Fleet Management, are perfect match for 2S Management’s mission. As we admire similar values and operate on the same Nordic markets the partnership idea evolved quite naturally.

frameLOGIC is already well-established telematics brand in Denmark, with a number of reference customers, including: LS Intertank ApS, Kim Johansen International Transport A/S, Kurt Beier A/S, and Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S, to name just a few. Thus, 2S Management’s major challenge is dynamic business development in Sweden and further expansion in Denmark.

We hope for very successful cooperation!

10th in a row Business Gazelle goes to frameLOGIC

We’re excited to annouce that we got our 10th Business Gazelle. We’re so proud to be consecutively selected to such elite group by Bonnier AB Puls Biznesu and Coface.


See you at TransLogistica Poland 2019

This year’s edition of TransLogistica Poland will take place on 5th-7th November 2019. This is 3 days of news and trends in transportation industry.


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